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For many years Stübben has been committed to the world of Icelandic horses. In collaboration with Benni’s Harmony we have developed Icelandic saddles that have found many friends among enthusiasts of Icelandic horses. Like other things, Icelandic riding has shown an enormous development and improvement. Important criteria relating to the breeding of Icelandic horses and the schooling of riders have led to changes in the structure of Icelandic saddles. All those factors have been embraced in the development of our new Icelandic saddle. Model Portos- Iceland is a saddle that combines all important considerations not only for the Icelandic horse, but also for its rider.

– The horse friendly soft panel guarantees an optimum position on the horse’s back.
– The short area of support is ideal for Icelandic horses with a short back.
– The wide channel protects the spinal processes and provides the spine with a lot of freedom of movement when bending.
– A new panel cut offers more freedom in the shoulder.
– The soft and middle-deep, newly designed seat enables relaxed sitting.
– Comfortable layout of the knee rolls, optimal support of the thighs without restraining the leg.

– the cream of the crop: A Stübben – spring tre
– smooth, supple leather that gives maximum grip and ensures a stable position of the leg
– several gullet widths available: Narrow, medium, wide, extra wide
– Seat sizes: S M
– Colours: black and brown

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Embossed cowhide
short foam panel
blocks embadded in flaps

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S, M


Zwart, Ebony


30, 31, 32, XW

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