Trenshoofdstel Waterford 1001


Broad classic bridle with silver-coloured fittings. Brow- and noseband are available either in doubled leather or with soft underpadding. Honey and havana coloured bridles have white stitching, ebony and black bridles have black stitching. Available in different sizes and, at a surcharge, also with Swedish noseband (dressage noseband 1085).

In order to give you the opportunity of choosing your favourite reins, these are not included to the bridle prize. Please add your favourite reins to the shopping cart. We recommend our popular Web reins with 5 leather stops and hook studs.

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• Kopstuk 31mm, uit één stuk
• Bakstuk 18 mm
• Keelriem 13 mm
• Zilverbeslag
• Frontriem en neusriem onderlegd met zacht Vachettenleder

Extra informatie

Zwart/Zwart, Zwart/Wit, Ebony/Ebony, Ebony/Wit, Havanna/Havanna, Tobacco/Tobacco


Cob, Full, Extra Full


Frans, Hannoveraans, Gecombineerd, Mexicaans, Speciaal dressuur Frans, Speciaal dressuur gecombineerd

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